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Mahpeyker Dinner Set 60 pcs

Mahpeyker Dinner Set 60 pcs

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Mahpeyker Dinner Set 60 pcs for 12 person

The elegance coming from the history. Mahpeyker brings golden classiness and glossiness onto your table by having Mandela effect meet porcelain. It presents historical figures in 4 different designs by blending serenity and elegance of the turquoise color.

Set Includes:

  • 12x   Dinner Plate 27 cm
  • 12x   Dessert Plate 21 cm
  • 12x   Deep Dish 23 cm
  • 12x   Bowl 16 cm
  • 1x     Oval Serving Plate 31 cm
  • 2x     Oval Serving Plate 27 cm
  • 1x     Serving Plate 17 cm
  • 1x     Serving Bowl 23 cm
  • 1x     Gravy Boat
  • 1x     Tureen
  • 1x     Tureen Lid
  • 2x     Salt Shaker
  • 2x     Pepper Shaker


Porland’s Gold and Platinum Patterned Products are produced with the world's most advanced overglaze technologies, decorated on a glassy surface to give them their shine.

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